Liberty Hill Multi Room Renovation

By New Creations Austin

Liberty Hill Multi Room Renovation

Renovation Overview

The focal point of this Liberty Hill Multi Room Renovation is definitely the kitchen.  The owners of this home desired a complete custom kitchen design and build to update their house into the home they always envisioned it could be.

Kitchen Footprint

Their existing kitchen had a nice shape to work with, so we designed a new custom interior to maximize the space they had.  The room was offered high ceilings and an abundance of space.  Our clients and design team were excited to design an interior that could capitalize on that space and realize this rooms true potential.

Custom Window Mod

Aside from modifying a window and adding extra cabinet space to the left of the space where the original refrigerator sat, the layout was well designed.  However, some of the appliances needed upgrading, and we needed to improve the lighting and overall functionality of the kitchen to bring it up to contemporary standards..

The finished product spotlights an intelligently designed kitchen interior with modern appliance, improved functionality, perfect lighting, and a dazzling aesthetic.  Our clients now have an ideal custom kitchen for cooking meals and entertaining family and friends.


January 2020


Liberty Hill, Texas

Project Type

Custom Kitchen, Laundry Room, and Fireplace Design and Build





Kitchen Features

Flooring and Floor Plan

Our clients liked the layout of the kitchen and existing tiles, so we were able to maintain the footprint of the kitchen and keep the original floor tiles.  

CUSTOM Cabinetry

The original cabinets had a ton of wasted space above them. So, we raised the cabinets up to the ceiling making the room feel taller and creating more storage.

Our clients opted for white shaker cabinets and added some beautiful 2″ thick stained Oak floating shelves.  This touch added warm tones to the interior complementing the flooring and countertops and contrasting the white shaker cabinets.

Backslplash and lighting

For the backsplash, we decided to on the Stone Solutions Raphael crackled series in biscuit (white colored). The white tiles look beautiful against the countertops and stained oak floating shelves.


Our clients opted to keep the existing chandelier in the dining room, since it matched the new interior.  The kitchen lighting improved greatly once we added 4 new can lights to get rid of any dark areas.  Of coarse, we add LED lighting under the cabinets to keep the countertops well lit as well. 

We also added a few classic bronze sconces with curved metal bell hoods and curved arms.  Two sit above the kitchen sink and the other above the custom oak butcher block countertop to the right of the fridge.

Oven and Venthood

We planned on upgrading some of the appliances and we went all in on the oven and vent hood.  We got rid of the old gear and installed a massive Viking 5 Series 30″ dual fuel stainless steel range that sit below a Viking 5 Series stainless steel chimney wall hood.

Keeping up with the theme, the refrigerator and dishwasher are also in classic stainless steel that match the white kitchen look perfectly.  The transformation is amazing.  The kitchen looks ten times brighter and the smart design improves the rooms functionality while maximizing storage, cooking area, and lighting.

Spotlight Features

Butcher block countertop

The plan was to keep the existing granite countertops, but in the area to the right of the refrigerator we installed a beautiful oak butcher block countertop.

 The warmth of the wood creates a stunning contrast to the white tile backsplash and the white shaker cabinetry that covers the kitchen’s perimeter.

Not only a trend in contemporary kitchen design, butcher block countertops are extremely functional and also add a dazzling visual aesthetic to your kitchen.

Spotlight Features

Decorative Tile Backspash

Our clients and design team want to keep the area being the stove interesting to we opted to add a decorative tile backsplash below the chimney venthood. 

We decided on the Stone Impressions Altalena Bella Listello decorative tiles by Stope Solutions.

The result is an eye popping design that is sure impress family and friends for years to come.

cabinetry Bonus

Nobody likes clutter in their kitchen.  Our clients love using the microwave, toaster oven, and blender on a daily basis, but didn’t like the look of having things sprawled across their brand new kitchen.

So, we build custom cabinets to the left of the oven in an area that was pretty much a dead zone to stash our client’s appliances away to keep their kitchen clutter-free.

Laundry Room Renovation


Once again, the original floor tiles already complemented the interior design for this project so we kept the flooring in tact and built around it. 

CUSTOM Cabinetry

Keeping everything in line with our kitchen interior design, we built white shaker cabinets up to the ceiling to maximize storage and to make the room feel taller.

The cabinetry is built around the washer and dryer to maximize space and to create a clean built-in look. 

Countertop & Backsplash

We topped the white shaker cabinets with a stunning new venetian gold granite countertop that complements the color theme of the kitchen and matches the massive venetian gold granite slab backsplash that covers the wall across from the washer and dryer


Our clients have an awesome dog that loves to hang out in the laundry room so we added a solid alder ductch pocket door.  Now, they can open the bottom door up to allow their pet to roam freely between the kitchen and laundry room.

The  tone of the stained wood also adds warmth to room and balances out the white cabinetry and appliances.

Fireplace Renovation


Our client’s fireplace is the focul point of their living room.  Their living room was amazing, but they knew a custom fireplace renovation would give them the room they always envisioned. 

We rebuilt the fireplace with Anatolia Sierra ledger stone by Stone Solutions, accentuating the beauty of the original interior.

The fireplace hearth top features Imperial Multi-color slate by Stone Solutions.  The dark slate sits well against the legder stone and wood mantle.


The mantle features a beautiful reclaimed barn beam plank, that blends well with the brickwork.  The wood mantle between the television and fireplace creates a warm relaxing atmosphere complementing the natural tones of hardwood flooring and blending with the ledger stone.

Liberty Hill Multi Room Renovation Summary

This Liberty Hill Multi Room Renovation worked out perfectly. Together with our clients, our design team transformed their kitchen and laundry room into one cohesive interior creating an ideal atmosphere for entertaining family and friends.

The newly renovated fireplace breathes new life their home’s living area, and our clients have revolutionized they way live.

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Liberty Hill Multi Room Renovation

I have the kitchen of my dreams, thanks to New Creations. Roy, Erin, and Apollo give you service that you just can’t find anymore. We have done small and large remodels over the years, and we have never received service like we did with this top-notch team. From the beginning of design to the end product, they worked with us every step of the way. Roy was great about letting us know what they were doing and when they were doing it. Erin was always available if we had questions. Apollo and his team were unobtrusive and left a clean workspace every night. They are professional, experienced, trustworthy, and service-oriented. We will be using this team in the future. I highly recommend New Creations!!

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