Rollingwood Whole House Renovation

By New Creations Austin

Rollingwood Whole House Renovation

Rollingwood Whole House Renovation OVERVIEW

Initially, this Rollingwood Whole House Renovation started out a smaller project. However, it quickly evolved.  The owners of this home desired a complete custom kitchen design and build to update their house into the home they always envisioned it could be.  However, this project quickly evolved into a whole house renovation.

There are many advantages of doing all of your remodeling projects at once, as opposed remodeling your house in segments.

Whole House Remodeling Advantages

Remodeling projects can inconvenience your family’s daily regimen, and once our clients understood that, they opted to completely remodel their home all at once to get exactly what they wanted with having to go through the process ever again.

The design and renovation include the kitchen, living area, master bathroom, hall bathroom, and a hallway.  We worked with our client’s to bring their vision to fruition delivering several amazing interiors that achieve a harmonious aesthetic throughout our client’s home.

In the end, we were able to make each room flow into the other seamlessly, and the end result is absolutely stunning, achieving exactly what our client’s deservetheir dream home.  Check out the entire project below.


January 2020


Westlake, Texas

Project Type

Custom Kitchen, Living Area, Master Bath, Hall Bath, and Hallway Design and Build





Project 2 | Kitchen IMG 1
Project 2 | Kitchen IMG 3
Project 2 | Kitchen IMG 5
Project 2 | Kitchen IMG 4
Project 2 | Kitchen IMG 1

Kitchen Renovation

Flooring and Floor Plan

Our clients dug the layout of their kitchen and  the original hardwood florring, so we were able to maintain the footprint of the kitchen and and living area.

Custom Cabinetry

The perimeter and pantry sport stain grade Alder wood cabinetry and 1/8″ slab doors in a pecan finish.  The drawers and doors feature black bronze hardware that complement the dark grey countertops.

The cabinet doors above the sink and stove feature dazzling Binswanger Seeded glass insterts.  The perimeter cabinets are topped with Raven (grey) Ceasarstone quartz.


The perimeter backplash also spotlight Raven (grey) Ceasarstone quartz that matches the countertops.


We added recessed can lighting througout the kitchen space to provide even lighting.  For a decorative flare we added pendant lights above the sink and oven.

The cabinetry is decked out with both interior and under cabinet LED lighting as well.

Oven and Venthood

We installed a massive Thermador Pro Harmony 30″ gas range with a Bosch 800 series 29″ custom hood insert  with a custom angle built-in hood box by Crossville. 

Project 2 | Kitchen IMG 6
Project 2 | Kitchen IMG 7

Kitchen Island


The kitchen island cabinetry features paint grade slab doors and has a tongue and groove exterior wrap.  The island is painted in dry sage-colored paint and the slab doors and drawers have black bronze hardware that matches the perimeter cabinetry.

The dry-sage colored paint on the island adds a little color to the room and heps to contrast the Raven grey countertops and backsplash featured in the perimeter kitchen cabinets. 

Butcher Block Countertop

The 49″ x 94″ countertop is absolute stunning. A beautiful clear coated and stained butcher block countertop made with Spalted Pecan and showing an amazing edge grain pattern sits on top the island in the center of the kitchen. 

The island not only seats four, but is also provides a ton of extra storage space below and more countertop space to make cooking easy.


Above the island, we installed a WAC Volo 54″ Pendant light from Legend Lighting.


Graphite USB Outlet

The perimeter cabinets feature an awsome slate USB and power outlet.

Paintable Plug Plates

Also, check out the cool paintable plates housing the magnesium USB and power outlet on the kitchen island.  They allowed us to match the paint on the cabinetry.

Project 2 | Kitchen IMG 9
Project 2 | Kitchen IMG 8
Project 2 | Living Room IMG 1
Project 2 | Living Room IMG 2
Project 2 | Living Room IMG 3
Project 2 | Living Room IMG 4
Project 2 | Living Room IMG 5

Living Area Renovation


Once again, the original hardwood flooring was in good shape and complemented the interior for this project so we kept it in tact.


Keeping everything in line with our kitchen interior design, we built the cabinetry with stain grade Alder with a Pecan finish by Old Masters.  Once again, the cabinets  have 1/8″ slab doors.

The console table that wraps around the back of the sofa features the same look, Pecan-color stained Alder, and 1/8″ slab doors.  

All cabinetry has matte black handles.  The countertops are made of matching stain grade Alder wood.

Tongue & Groove Ceiling

We built a tongue and groove pine hard wood ceiling to match the existing hardwood beams.  Our team also painted the metal brackets on the beam in tricorn black to complement the black hardware on the cabinetry.


Our client’s existing fireplace needed a new look as well.  So our team refaced he fireplace, building it up with cream colored limestone vaneers that look great against all the wood tones. 

Spotlight Features

Custom End Table

This Rollingwood Whole House Renovation did present a small problem. Our client just find the right end table to the living room together.  Luckily, our cabinet maker stepped in and saved the day with a custom end table he built to match our client’s vision.  The result looks incredible and helps tie the kitchen and living area interiors together.

Like the kitchen cabinetry and living room console and cabinetry, the end table features stain grade Alder with a  beautiful pecan finish.  Similar to the kitchen hardware, the end table drawers and the cabinet door also show a black bronze finish.  

Project 2 | Living Room IMG 6
Project 2 | Bedroom IMG 1
Project 2 | Bedroom IMG 2

Master Bedroom Renovation

Custom Barn Door

Our client’s wanted to build a cool barn door entering in to the master batheroom.


We also refaced the bedroom fireplace with white limestone vaneers like we used in the living room.

Project 2 | Master Bedroom IMG 3
Project 2 | Master Bath IMG 1
Project 2 | Master Bath IMG 2
Project 2 | Master Bath IMG 3
Project 2 | Master Bath IMG 4
Project 2 | Master Bath IMG 5

Master Bathroom Renovation


The master bathroom flooring consists of gray unpolished porcelain tiles.

Working Wood Walls

This interior features dark grey, light grey, and earthy wood tones.  The wood wall behind the vanity is made from Adela Oak, helping to balance out the grey with a natural and warm wood tones.

Countertop& Backsplash

The concrete colored quartz Ceasarstone countertops and backsplash contrast the warmth of the wood wall and teak shower bench, while complementing the gray floor tiles and mosaic shower tiles.


The mirror mounted above the sink is framed in matte black, matching the hardware found throught the bathroom.  Under the mirror sits a handy little niche to store odds and ends.

Walk-In Shower

Our clients opted for grey porcelain shower tiles to line the shower walls.  The shower flooring consists of  porcelain mosaic floor tiles in warm grays.  The glass shower doors and showerhead show a matte black finish.

Shower Bench

The highlight of the shower design is the breautiful teak bench.  The warm wood tones complement the woody tones found throught the interior.

Project 2 | Guest Bath IMG 1
Project 2 | Guest Bath IMG 2
Project 2 | Guest Bath IMG 3
Project 2 | Guest Bath IMG 4

Guest Bathroom Renovation



The guest bathroom cabinetry feature flat panel doors and drawers in stain grade alder with a Special Walnut stain by Old Masters.  The hardware is matte black and the countertops are glacial (white) Quartz.

Tile Wall & Mirror

The wall behind the Alder wood framed mirror is built from matte black ceramic tiles that complement the shower frame and cabinet hardware.


The flooring consists of 24″ x 24″ white unfinished porcelain tiles.

Walk-In Shower

The walk-in shower features 12″x24″ white porcelain wall tiles, a brushed gold showerhead, and matte black framed glass doors.  The teak flooring warms the interior up, complementing the cabinetry.

Hallway Renovation


Final Touches

We had to make sure every room flowed to the next, so we made sure to paint the walls outside the mater bedroom and hall bathroom to tie everything together.

We added recessed can lighting to brighten the area up and painted the door entering into the guest bathroom to the right.

The wooden door entering into the master bathroom looks amazing against the light gray walls and dark trim work.  The Alder wood complements the look of the kitchen and living area as well.

The whole house now flows from one room to the next with an uninterrupted, harmonious aesthetic. 

Project 2 | Hall IMG 1

Rollingwood Whole House Renovation Summary

This Rollingwood Whole House Renovation worked out fabulously.  Our clients have exactly what they wanted a highly-functional home with each room customized to fit their families unique style and taste.  Each room complements the next creating a harmonious atmosphere throughout — exactly what you expect with a whole house renovation.

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I contracted with NEW CREATIONS last year to remodel a new condo I had bought and had plans to move into. Having been through one medium-sized and another small remodel project years ago and from talking to many friends over the years who had shared their experiences with remodel jobs, my expectation was that this would drag out an excruciatingly long time and the results, while maybe satisfactory, would probably be less than what I dreamed of in regards to quality.  But after reading their reviews and interviewing them, I was crossing my fingers for more.

With COVID-19 unexpectedly happening, Austin inspections going crazy, and numerous add-orders I added to the original job, my project did take a long time. But every minute it took was worth the quality craftmanship and results. I can only say WOW!  It’s been fun to see the jaws drop from every one of my friend’s that saw the before and after (and I still get jaw drops from those who just see the after).  Looking back and considering Roy and his team’s attention to detail plus all the complicating factors, I’m actually am surprised how quickly they got the job done.  While I was generally satisfied with my previous remodel projects, I am absolutely thrilled with this one.  I LOVE my remodeled condo!! So far, I am really enjoying living in this space and looking forward to enjoying it long into the future!

Dan King

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